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"I believe that the highest form of love that exist

is self love, therefore I try to teach while learning. This album is about me and everything that i try

to practice and re learn everyday, this is why I chose to name my album "Love Child". I realize that love startes when you are a child, and that journey of love continues."


-Lia Renee Dior



Lia Renee Dior is a Neo-soul/RnB artist based out of Minneapolis MN. Inspired by artist like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu,..


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the inner eye
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D.I.O.R (Days I'll Only Remember)

this is the key to my beliefs 
the window to my dreams 
the breath to my reality 
and my eye to many things. 

this is the place where you experience

Lia Renee Dior and this will grow as

she continues on in her Dior days.

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Lia Renee Dior "Love Child"

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